Friday, January 14, 2011

Living Poor by Moritz Thomsen, Page 204

Within three months, the new that Rio Verde had a new co-op spread to all parts of the province, and people whom I had never met-agronomists from extension, officials from the Junta de Fomento (the Ecuadorian Department of Development), and small farmers from up the coast-would stop me on the street in Esmeraldas either to wish the co-op luck or to tell me that the coastal people were the laziest, mos worthless people in the world and that no one would ever be able to help them. I had been listening to this sort of trash, 90 percent racial, all my life, and it didn't much impress me. I had discovered that when I was forced by circumstances to eat the same things a poor man eats for more than a couple of days, I ended up not only lazy, but probably flat on my back in bed. And I was not burdened by the debilitating effects, as everyone was there, of a body crawling with worms-stomach worms, hook worms, kidney worms.

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