Friday, December 31, 2010

Dominican Republic House Clubs

Grappa, DR
Fellini, DR
Sophias, DR
Led, DR
Praia, DR
Amika, DR
Lupe, DR
Marocha, DR
Mitre, DR
The Cave, DR
Cafe Del Mar, Punta Cana (DR)
MOMA, Santiago (DR)
Dubai Club, Santiago (DR)
Zin Lounge, DR
Jaragua, DR
Casa Virgina Rooftop, DR
Cafe Juanita, Casa de Campo, DR
Naked Fish, Casa de Campo, DR
La Palapa, Casa de Campo, DR
Hotel Oasis Hamaca, DR
Boca Marina, DR

DJ Jorge Mercedes

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


DJ Hardusarock - DJ Hardusarock's Monthly Top Hip-House Hits Mix (Sept 2010)

Omar Andino

Omar Andino started spinning in April ’09. His passion and inspiration for music has quickly earned him a spot on DR’s nightlife. His style is defined by House and Commercial House music, a very popular combination in present day DR clubs. Despite having such little time in the club industry, Omar has already played in DR’s hottest and most exclusive clubs. The list includes, Praia, LED, Amika, Victory Club at CDC, AMG CafĂ©, Lupe, the Dubai Club @ Santiago, Jaragua and many others.

He continuously shows us his career is on the rise, and promises to deliver his very best when spinning for whatever crowd.

Keep your eyes and ears open for what comes next in what is sure to be a very solid and exciting career in this promising young talent.

Kristopher Collado

Mixing The Club

DJ Miguel Duarte

Born on September 18th of 1992 in the Dominican Republic. Since he was a toddler music inspired him greatly, knowing how to play the guitar, bass and some of drums. Some years later electronic music had a great impact on him (such as house, tech house.. etc)

Just when he was 13 years old he began to experience with dual cdjs and cdjs, then a year later being now 14 he was in a complete and total domination of these, he began to spread his music toward private parties.

Nowadays Miguel Duarte is a young DJ interested in playing in every event for young-adult people. Besides being a DJ he is also a producer and through the years he keeps up releasing bootlegs, mash up, edits, original mixes among others.

Where has he played his music?
Santo domingo:
-CLARO (bellavista mall)
-LUKA´s bar and lounge



-Barcelo Premium