Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DJ Miguel Duarte


Born on September 18th of 1992 in the Dominican Republic. Since he was a toddler music inspired him greatly, knowing how to play the guitar, bass and some of drums. Some years later electronic music had a great impact on him (such as house, tech house.. etc)

Just when he was 13 years old he began to experience with dual cdjs and cdjs, then a year later being now 14 he was in a complete and total domination of these, he began to spread his music toward private parties.

Nowadays Miguel Duarte is a young DJ interested in playing in every event for young-adult people. Besides being a DJ he is also a producer and through the years he keeps up releasing bootlegs, mash up, edits, original mixes among others.

Where has he played his music?
Santo domingo:
-CLARO (bellavista mall)
-LUKA´s bar and lounge



-Barcelo Premium


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